Papaya Sesame Avocado Spring Rolls


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Love accommodating all folks with all types of food needs.  Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free…you name it, I love to make it. It’s also papaya heaven at my house and I love to share.

Here’s a fresh, delicious little nosh I dreamed up coming out of a nap. Hope you like it as much as my clients did.


1 ripe papaya: peeled, seeded and sliced lengthwise. (I like strawberry papaya but any kind will do.)

1 avocado, sliced lengthwise

2 cups finely shredded cabbage

juice of 2 limes with zest

1/4 cup finely minced chives

Small bunch of fresh cilantro

1 Tbl. honey

1/4 t. sea salt

Black sesame seeds

Rice Flour Spring Roll Wrappers

Bowl of hot water and a flour sack type dish towel (no fuzzy hand towel type thangs)


Toss finely shredded cabbage in lime juice, lime zest, salt, chives and honey.  Let set.  The lime juice will soften the cabbage while you prep the rest of the ingredients.

Roll avocado slices in black sesame seeds.  Set aside.

Prep whole leaves of cilantro. Set aside

Dip rice flour wrappers briefly in hot water until mildly softened.  Don’t let them stay in the water too long, they will rip. Place rice wrapper on dish towel.

Starting with the edge closest to you lay the papaya and avocado in layers in the middle of the space with some room left at the edges.  Place a row of cilantro leaves above the papaya and avocado…this will show through the rice paper and have a pretty design. Grab a small amount of the cabbage and squeeze any excess moisture out and place on the cilantro leaves.

Roll the rice paper away from you like rolling a burrito.  Take sides of rice paper and tuck over sides of papaya, cabbage and sesame crusted avocado once you have the contents of the spring roll wrapped tight enough to hold it’s shape. You might have to eat a couple mistakes until you get the hang of it.  Not the worst thing in the world, right? Here’s link to a YouTube how to roll a spring roll video.

Keep repeating until all the ingredients are used up.

Slice on a diagonal and serve with this delicious Vietnamese inspired dipping sauce.


Juice of 4 Limes plus zest

2 Tbl. Red Boat Fish Sauce OR Bragg’s Aminos

1 Tbl. Honey

Sriracha to taste

These are beautiful, healthy, delicious and will delight a crowd regardless of food preferences.

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